Edwin KanEdwinKan2014-2fwnhkl
Principal Investigator & Professor

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
College of Engineering
Cornell University
325 Phillips Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-5401
email: kan at ece dot cornell dot edu


Current Students

  • Xiaonan Hui (xh273@cornell.edu)
  • Pragya Sharma (ps847@cornell.edu)
  • Jianlin Zhou (jz899@cornell.edu)
  • Guoyi Xu (gx36@cornell.edu)


Former Students

  • Kshitij Auluck, Ph.D., now at  Intel Oregon (ka323@cornell.edu)
  • Yingqiu Cao, Ph.D., now at Google (yc923@cornell.edu)
  • Udayan Ganguly, Ph.D., now a professor at IIT Bombay (ug23@cornell.edu)
  • Philip Gordon, Ph.D., now at Diversified Technology in Boston (phg35@cornell.edu)
  • Anirudh Gorur-Seetharam, MS, now at PG&E (ags28@cornell.edu)
  • Alex Tou-Hung Hou, now a professor at National Chiao-Tung Univ. in Taiwan (th273@cornell.edu)
  • Blake Jacquot, Ph.D., now at Google (bcj7@cornell.edu)
  • Krishna Jayant, Ph.D., now an assistant professor at Purdue (kj75@cornell.edu)
  • Jinsook Kim , Ph.D., now at Spansion (jk368@cornell.edu)
  • Myongseob Kim , Ph.D., now at Xilinx (mk156@cornell.edu)
  • Chungho Lee, Ph.D., postdoc and lab manager, now at First Solar (cl266@cornell.edu)
  • Jaegoo Lee, Ph.D., now at Samsung (jl548@cornell.edu)
  • Zengtao Liu, Ph.D., postdoc, now at Intel (zl27@cornell.edu)
  • Yunfei Ma, Ph.D., now at Alibaba North America (ym274@cornell.edu)
  • Jami Meteer, Ph.D., now at Intel Oregon (jam248@cornell.edu)
  • Venkat Narayanan, Ph.D., now at Qualcom (vn23@cornell.edu)
  • Weiping Ni, Ph.D., now at Binoptics (wn25@cornell.edu)
  • Gen Pei, Ph.D., now at IBM (gp35@cornell.edu)
  • Shantanu Rajwade, Ph.D., now at Intel Santa Clara (srr77@cornell.edu)
  • Hassan Raza, postdoc, now at Center for Fundamental Research (hr89@cornell.edu)
  • Jonathan Shaw, Ph.D., now at TSMC (jts57@cornell.edu)
  • Yu-min Nick Shen, Ph.D., now at TSMC (ys69@cornell.edu)
  • Lieh-Ting Tung, Ph.D., now at Intel Santa Clara (lt277@cornell.edu)
  • Pingshan Wang, Ph.D., now a professor at Clemson Univ. (pw30@cornell.edu)
  • Sarah Xu, Ph.D., now at Intel Oregon (qx33@cornell.edu)
  • Fan Yu, Ph.D., now at Google (fy34@cornell.edu)