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  Cornell University
Cornell University School of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Research Overview

The Edwin Kan Group has two primary research focuses:

  1. Near-field radio frequency (RF) sensing applied to human and animal vital sign extraction.
  2. RFID technologies applied to RFID tag tracking, tag-less imaging, and camera-less occupant counting.

Near-field RF Sensing

Near-field RF sensing employs RF antennas placed in the near-field region of dielectric boundary motion to achieve high sensitivity and temporal resolution sensing of motion within the region. Published applications of this technology include:

  • Respiratory sensing: Respiration rate, lung volume, dyspnea quantification
  • Cardiac sensing: Heart rate, Heart sounds, Ventricular/Valvular motion

RFID Technology

We employ passive and active RFID tags to enable new sensing capabilities including:

  • Precise RFID tag tracking
  • Tag-less room imaging
  • Camera-less privacy preserving occupant counting